Transform Your Home with Turf

Artificial turf is quickly becoming a popular choice among homeowners who want a beautiful, low-maintenance solution for both outdoors and indoors. From the yard to indoor gyms, turf offers a range of benefits and applications that can enhance the functionality and appeal of your home. Today, we’ll explore some key residential applications of turf and how it can transform your space!

Backyard greenspaceFront Yard

A lush, green front yard is the dream for many homeowners, and artificial turf makes it easy to achieve. It provides a vibrant, manicured lawn all year round without the need for watering, mowing, or fertilizing. This saves time and money and reduces your environmental impact.

Tarkett Home Product Recommendation
For low-traffic yards, TH15  and TH12  are both excellent options. GreenSpace Natural  is extremely durable and will stand up in higher foot traffic applications.

Backyard pets on GreenSpaceBackyard

The backyard is often the heart of family activities, and installing artificial turf can ensure a clean and safe area for kids and pets. The quick-draining feature of Tarkett Home turf also means no more puddles or soggy patches, keeping your outdoor space enjoyable, even after it rains. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, playing fetch with your dog, or setting up a kiddie pool, turf ensures your backyard remains a versatile and welcoming space.

Tarkett Home Product Recommendation
GreenSpace Natural  and GreenSpace Paws  are both extremely durable and will hold up to the playful antics of both children and pets.

Turf putting greenPutting Green

For the golf enthusiast, a backyard putting green adds a unique feature to your outdoor space. Artificial turf offers a realistic, low-maintenance solution to practice your putting skills at home, boosting your confidence on the green.

Tarkett Home Product Recommendation
GreenSpace Tee it Up  gives you a smooth, even surface that helps your ball roll true, so you get consistent speed and control.

Turf in home gymIndoor Home Gyms

Turf isn’t just for outdoor use, it’s also an excellent flooring option for indoor home gyms. It provides a durable and comfortable surface for workouts, and turf with attached pad helps cushion impacts.

Tarkett Home Product Recommendation
GreenSpace Forever Lush . Forever Lush is a multi-purpose turf that is used indoors, including in home gyms, CrossFit facilities, and other indoor sports centers. It comes with a 5 mm pad, which provides extra cushion, so you can run on it, push sleds, or drop weights without worry.

In conclusion, artificial turf offers a versatile and practical solution for spaces throughout your home. Whether you’re looking to enhance your front yard, create some fun in your backyard, install a putting green, or equip a home gym, artificial turf is a fantastic solution. Simply put, by incorporating artificial turf into your home, you will enjoy a beautiful and functional space for your entire family. For more information about On the Green by Tarkett Home, our exclusive line of artificial turf, please contact your Tarkett Home Regional Business Manager or visit